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The Kékéliba Project (1999)

This was the first World Music release by Moussa Diallo, inspired by Moussa's travels back to Mali. The Kékéliba Project has also been recorded Live at the Copenhagen JazzHouse.

Track listing

  1. Koulékan
  2. Kékéliba
  3. I Bolo Dó Bolo
  4. A Lasema
  5. Ma Kana Kasi
  6. Lumumba
  7. Don Duma
  8. Kélebana
  9. Ayé Wouly
  10. Fatoké
  11. Cosmopolitan

All songs written, composed and produced by Moussa Diallo.


Jacob Andersen, Kary Coulibaly, Biboul Darouiche, Boubacar Diabaté, Mamadou Diallo, Jean-Claude Hodonou, Malick Jagne, Anders P. Jensen, Peter M. Jensen, Mama Keita, Bina Koumaré, Toumani Kouyaté, Palle Mikkelborg, Jesper Nordenström, Mikkel Nordsø, Rune Olesen, Anders Pedersen, Luluk Purwanto, Cheick Tidiane Seck, Sayon Sissoko, Johnny Stage, Ayi Solomon, Basiru Suso

Documentary: 'KinkÉliba - A Musical journey' (2001)

In 2001 Moussa made a documentary film about going back to his roots in Mali, together with filmmaker Robert Grant Larsen. The film is a musical meeting between Moussa and Malian musicians like Toumani Diabaté, Habib Koite, Amadou & Mariam and many more. The film has been shown on Danish and French TV. View a clip from the documentary in the video gallery.

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