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Moussa Diallo is a fantastic story teller. He has been performing for children in schools and other venues for many years. His book and CD "Once Upon A Time in Mali" are available in English, French and Danish. The CD (digital download) is also available in Greek. More info on the book and CD and the French version read excerpts from the English version here. Visit the page For Kids. All music can be downloaded on iTunes and at CD Baby. For more info click on Buy Music

Moussa Diallo has composed songs and music for the soundtrack to the animated movie "Circleen, Coco and the Wild Rhinoceros"

Also visit - website only for children (Danish language)

Besides being a musician and composer, Moussa Diallo is a great story teller and offers magical and musical performances for kids in Danish, English and French.

Read more about the concerts for: Once Upon a Time in Mali and Sundjata The Lion Prince

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